About us

Agricultural Chemical Solutions, Inc. business is based on getting the large consumer the best product value that there is within the market place. We sell the chemical selection we sell for one very good reason, it is the best the market has for the user. Our business has grown to over 3,000 customers and well over $100 million in annual sales, selling our products in 42 states. We can do this because the selection and value we offer our customers is the best available. We have been criticized for not pushing the larger market products which don't offer as much value. That's just it—if a chemical manufacturer wants to offer the market place the economic best value, that is the chemical we will sell and stock. Many times the large manufactures do not offer what is best available in market place. Many times we will stock and sell the smaller manufactures products when they are the best value in the marketplace. Our stocked combination of more than 80 chemicals packaging types from the top 20 manufactures, and those products are the best values in the marketplace. It is only when a product becomes the best value in the marketplace that AG Chemical Solution, Inc. will stock and sells that product.

We know what we have to offer is the right choice for our buyer, and this fact is the success of our company. Agricultural Chemical Solutions, Inc. stands by our Recommendations, and we know that they are right. Keep on looking at our Recommendations, and go by the Recommendations, and you will experience the success that this company has given our many loyal customers.