Payment for Products

When you place an order, afterwards we verify the price and supply with what is currently available, and if we have not contacted you within 24 hours, then you can be assured that you are locked in at the price ordered, even if the market place goes higher.

Delivery will then be made to your farm within 1 - 4 working days from when you place your order. We can usually get the product to you in as little as 24 hours, if those are your needs. If you need the product on a different time frame, we will cater to your needs. If you want us to deliver the product within 30 days from your order, you can pay for the product at the time of delivery to your farm.

95% of our customers will pay for the products at the time of delivery with a check. Payment is due at the time the product is delivered to your farm. We will call prior to make sure that the delivery time will work for you. If our time doesn't work, no problem, we will reschedule the delivery for a time that will work.

If you don't want to take delivery within 30 days but want to lock in the price for delivery at a later time, this is fine, but you must pay for the product at the time you order to lock in the price for greater than 30 days. If you want to take a later delivery date, you can choose to have the product delivery anytime in the future that you desire, and we will deliver your products whenever you request.

We do take Credit Card payment, but due to our low margins, we will add 3% to the purchases made paying with Credit Cards. This is to cover what the credit card companies charge us for the Credit Card services.