Free Delivery

Agricultural Chemical Solutions, Inc. offers all our customers FREE DELIVERY to their farm for any full shuttle, and any products that accompany your shuttle(s). We also offer FREE DELIVERY for any order of $5000 or more. If you are a regular customer of AG Chemical Solution, Inc. we offer free in season delivery to you, no matter how small the order is.

Nearly all products listed on the web site we have in stock. If you are in need of these products immediately, we can usually always deliver to you the products listed on our web site within 24 hours. We never close, so feel free to call us anytime 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You can be assured that you will be given prompt attention anytime a customer contacts us.

Agricultural Chemical Solutions, Inc. has a fleet of trucks of our own, but to save the customer money, 85% of our deliveries are made by contract carriers. We do have capacity to custom deliver anytime to your farm and we can work on weekend or holidays if your needs demand it. If you need the product, we will make sure to get it to you to meet your needs if at all possible.

When you place an order, we immediately ship it to your farm, unless otherwise specified by the customer. The product you order will arrive direct to your farm within 1 - 4 Working Days. If you need the product in a different time frame, we will cater to your needs, and we can deliver your product anytime our customers specify within the next 30 days after order.

If our customer wants to lock in a price, and take delivery later than 30 days away, we just ask for you to pay at the time you order, then you can specify any time in the future convenient to our customer for delivery. Otherwise, if you take delivery of your order within 30 days, you just need to pay for the product upon our delivery to your farm.