Agricultural Chemical Solutions Top Recommendations!

Sunphosate® 41% Herbicide by CinmaxRoundup PowerMax® by Monsanto
Sulfentrazone Assist by WillowoodAuthority® Assist by FMC
Meso Star by ShardaCallisto® by Syngenta
Stanza™ by FMCHornet® by Dow
Clethodim by AlbaughSelect® Max by Valent
Rhythm™ by CheminovaFlexstar® by Syngenta
Thundermaster™ by AlbaughExtreme® by BASF
Chlorpyrifos 15G by DrexelLorsban® by Dow
Me-Too-Lachlor™ II by DrexelDual II MAGNUM® by Syngenta
Cloak® EX by NuFarmCanopy® EX by Dupont
Cloak® by NuFarmCanopy® by Dupont
Nimble™ by CheminovaHarmony® XP by Dupont
*Trizmet™ II by Drexel*Bicept II MAGNUM® by Syngenta
*Keystone® by Dow*Harness® Xtra by Monsanto
*Kendo EC™ by Helm*Warrior® by Syngenta
*Declare® by Cheminova *Warrior II by Syngenta
*Trizmet™ II with Impact® by Drexel by Amvac*Lexar® or *LuMax® by Syngenta
Encompass™ by Tenkoz Valor® SX by Valent
Equation™ by CheminovaQuadris® by Syngenta
Azoxy Prop Xtra by Willowood Quilt® Xcel by Syngenta
Accurate® by Cheminova Ally® XP by Dupont
*Fanfare™ with Linke by Mana by AgXplorer *Capture® LFR® by FMC
Interline® by UPILiberty® by Bayer
Propiconazole 3.6 EC by ReparTilt® by Syngenta
Glory® by AdamaSencor® by Bayer
Dicamba by DrexelBanvel® by Micro Flo
Zone by HelmAuthority® XL by FMC
Vise® by AdamaBoundary® 6.5 EX by Syngenta
Vulture™ by AdamRaptor® by BASF
Satellite® HydroCap by UPIProwl® H2O by BASF
Thunder™ by AlbaughPursuit® by BASF
Acumen® by TenkozProwl® by BASF

*Restricted Use Products